1. koyamapress:

    Jesse Jacobs’ wondrously weird wilderness tale Safari Honeymoon has been reviewed by the blogs Festival Season and Sequential.


    “Jacobs plays with our anxiety about nature by turning the forest inhabitants into one-eyed, many-legged, slithering, toothy, tentacled predators that can devour you, strangle you, pass through your rectum, take over your brain, feed upon your soul, or worse 
    — swim in your glass of Chardonnay.” — Jason Viola, Festival Season

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    “The painstaking accumulation of microscopically precise visual elements creates the pulsating symbolic anatomy of the safari and its denizens, the sense that, at any moment, a stunning totality will emerge from the infinite minutia.” — Will Wellington, Sequential

    Read the whole review here!

  2. koyamapress:


    Koyama Press is well represented at this year’s SPX with five books debuting and a number of artists appearing including Renee French and Jesse Jacobs. These two masters of the monstrous will be joining Marc Sobel in conversation on the last panel of the weekend. Close out a weekend of comics with two incredible creators of creatures!

    Renee French and Jesse Jacobs in Conversation
    Sunday 4:30 – 5:30 in the White Oak Room

    Renee French first made her mark with the intensely drawn, troubling comic book series Grit Bath in the 1990s and has produced a diverse array of works including The Ticking, H Day, and her new book Baby Bjornstrand. Jesse Jacobs has worked on the animated series Adventure Time and his books of comics include Even the Giants, By This You Shall Know Him and his new book Safari Honeymoon. These artists share a commitment to intense visual explorations of unsettled and unsettling narratives and will discuss their work in a special conversation moderated by Marc Sobel.

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  3. mrmeier:

    Translating Jesse Jacobs’ wonderful book “Safari Honeymoon" for the German edition at Rotopolpress.

  5. koyamapress:

    Jesse Jacobs is interviewed on Dan Berry’s podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody. As a storm booms in the background, the artists discuss process, stories, sketchbooks, and wilderness confection. Listen to the whole podcast here!

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  6. koyamapress:

    Jesse Jacobs has been interviewed by Anshuman Iddamsetty for the podcast The Arcade, which is a part of Hazlitt Magazine. They discuss Jacobs’s new book Safari Honeymoon, nature, big government, and the unexpected power of doodling. Listen to it right here!

  9. Restaurant comics

  10. Volcano Suit

    2014, acrylic ink on paper, 20” x 30”

  12. koyamapress:



    A pair of newlyweds honeymoon in a truly exotic location as they delve deep into a mysterious forest and themselves. 

    Imagine what would happen if Kafka worked for National Geographic in a world designed by Burroughs and you would have an idea of the literary wonder and strangeness at the heart of Jesse Jacobs’s Safari Honeymoon.

  13. Tiny drawing for the Kus! last match show in Toronto next week.